The Earth And Heaven By Esther Muehlbauer Essay

835 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
When human and all beings are developing over time, the world is also constantly changing. The world has always open to improvements and ideas that can help make it a better one. The world today is shaped by combinations of concepts and ideas gathered from all around the world. Using Plato to Darwin to DNA written by Esther Muehlbauer, different ancient cultures along with its traditions and philosophers will be analyzed in terms of their perspectives and concepts toward the nature and humanity of the world. One of the major cultures is the Chinese culture. The Chinese culture is well known for its early philosophy such as Dao and Yin Yang. The Dao philosophy, also known as The Way, comes from a Chinese philosopher name Laozi. Laozi believes Dao is the root of the earth and heaven, and it reveals the natural character within each creature on earth. To elaborate more on this idea, a Taoist philosopher, Zhuangzi states that all beings on earth are temporary, which develop the concept of Tao. Another major philosophy from the Chinese culture is the concept of Yin and Yang and its five phases. The concept of Yin Yang refers to the unity of life, nature, health, and disease. It is a division of the universe in pairs of opposite, and it can apply to every living creature with Yin representing the feminine aspect, and Yang the masculine aspect. The five phases of Yin Yang are Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, and Water. These five phases indicate change and how each phase interact with…

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