Essay on The Dust Bowl

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The Dust Bowl was a ten year apocalyptic time period, with angry winds, pillars of dust, no sun, and no soil. It was the worst manmade ecological disaster in American history, a huge disaster, yet it was also one of the biggest examples of heroic perseverance of people, surviving one hardship after another.
The Southern Plains were called no man’s land, due to how risky it was to cultivate agriculture on land. During the Great War, Germans had blocked access to Russian wheat, so the farmers of the United States took action and fed the allies. The price of wheat doubled, and an area twice the size of New Jersey was converted from grasslands to wheatfields. The war ended, and wheat prices dropped, causing the plowing and planting of wheat to increase; causing the Great Plow Up. An area the size of New Hampshire was turned over on southern plains for wheat production, it was said that wheat was the one indestructible and immutable aspect our nation has, and described as the one resources that can’t be used up. In 1929, the stock market crashed, leading to the Great Depression. The Depression caused wheat prices to drop, and the government begged farmers to reduce the production of wheat, but the farmers decided if they couldn’t make as much money per bushel, they would simply make more bushels, causing half a million acres to be plowed. The area had gone “wheat mad”.
In 1931 the amount of people buying wheat had dropped drastically. And in January 1932, a dust cloud…

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