The Dust Bowl Essay

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The Dust Bowl was caused by the hands of man and the hands of nature and has resulted in many longer term effects. Because of the Plains states’ successfully wheat business and harvest, thousands and thousands of farmers traveled to the area. However, this influx of farmers led to overgrazing and overplowing of the southern plains. Many of the farmers used a farming technique called dry land farming and destroyed the large areas of grassland. This, coupled with an incredible drought and Great Depression of the 1930s, led to the wheat being replaced by dried prairie grass that made the land unable to overcome the harsh winds and ultimately led to not only the wheat market collapsing, but also one of America’s greatest environmental and economical disasters. After this prolonged disaster almost one-third of the farmers left the area and headed to California to search for migrant work and were labeled as “Okies.” Therefore, the migration patterns created by the Dust Bowl created much of the ancestry and descendants of the people who live in California today. The new farming techniques that the public were forced to use to decrease the amount of dry farming has also played an influential role in expanding and developing the farm practices and machinery that we see today. In addition to this, the Dust Bowl reduced agricultural land values and revenues and caused the economy to have to adjust through migration and other means of agricultural production as the storm eroded great…

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