Essay on The Dust Bowl Of The 1930 ' S

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The Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s has been a topic of American history that has been overshadowed by the economic devastation of The Great Depression. Even historians such as Ken Burns have had trouble trying to fully understand the experiences endured by individuals that survived the torturous conditions of the 1930s. Although the administration of the time period puts much of their efforts into acts and reliefs to subdue the impacts of The Dust Bowl individuals in the Midwestern plains were destined to endure plagues, illness, heartache and loss caused by the decade long of rolling black blizzards.
The dust bowl began in 1930 as a result of the severe drought that impacted the southern plains and Midwestern portion of the United States. It was poor timing as the country had been in dire straits already. The country had just fallen into an epic depression, leaving many families impoverished, ill, and distrustful of the American government and banking systems. The country itself was in a transition and had just received Franklin D. Roosevelt as their new president in March of 1933 according to staff in the article Timeline: Surviving the Dust Bowl. It was during this time period they stated that President Roosevelt implemented a “four-day bank holiday, during which time Congress will come up with the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, which stabilizes the banking industry and restores people’s faith in the banking system by putting the federal government…

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