The Dual Inheritance Within Christianity Of Greek And Jewish Thought

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1. Describe the dual inheritance within Christianity of Greek and Jewish thought. How were these traditions similar? How were they distinct? How did each contribute to the formation of Christian life and belief? Cite MacCulloch in your answer.
Investigating the origins of the Bible aids in drawing connections between the demographics that wrote and condoned it, their culture, and how that has influenced Christianity. Recognizing that the books that comprise the Bible were originally written in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek, reveals that the origins of Christian thought and beliefs are based in the countries where those languages are spoken, which are Israel and Greece. Thus, the ideologies of the Jewish and Greek would be heavily implemented into Christianity.
Designating textual works as the basis for culture and belief systems is a practice of both the Jews and the Greeks. Homer’s epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey, stood as the foundation for Greek culture, but those works are not implemented into the Bible. However, there is a direct correspondence with Jewish and Christian holy texts. The first major component of the Holy Bible, which modern day Christians describe as the Old Testament, is comprised of writings from the Jewish holy book, the Tanakh, and these Old Testament books saturate the Bible with Jewish beliefs, history, and practices.
Judaism also influenced Christianity by instilling the practice of consulting holy books. Christians, like the Jews, use their holy…

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