Essay about The Drugs Klonopin Used For Anxiety

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“Take this medicine it will make you feel better.” This is the common lingo when discussing something that is hurting you physically and you want to get rid of the pain instantly. But what if the pain is the thought of things or mentally? Are you suppose to look for medication as the relief or are there better alternatives? Our society has tied medical issues as finding a solution that will instantly resolve the issue momentarily instead of finding ways to control the issue and work gradually to resolve the issue permanently .
An estimated 40 million individuals in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders and only one-third of those people seek treatments (Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 2014). As the per punctuating numbers increase of anxiety patients the demand by medical professional to use medication to decrease the symptoms has been a common treatment. My question is “ The pharmaceutical drug Klonopin used for anxiety attacks is this the most effective treatment?”
I am personally dealing with anxiety and although I have been suggested to begin prescription pills to relieve my symptoms of anxiety I have not. My mother who has dealt with anxiety her whole childhood had been on medication to decrease her anxiety attacks. She uses this medication and I found it very interesting if Klonopin are beneficial to her health and if she had any knowledge of the risk she is taking using them. Many ignore the side effects of many pills but with prescription…

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