The, Drugs, And Drug Addiction Essay

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As their stories unfold, viewers are able to observe how these women self-medicate with OxyContin, Heroin, Xanax, Cocaine, among other things instead of dealing with their emotions in healthy ways. Aubry describes struggling through the loss of friends and loved ones, compensating feeling of grief and depression with feeling of “high” given by taking OxyContin pills. As she crushes a pill to snort, she explains why abusers of these drugs crush them to feel the addictive rush of the high almost instantaneously. She talks about her depression and her desperate desire to take OxyContin to push her feelings away, to reduce her inhibitions, stating how she “wanted to feel no pain,” “to not feel anything”. Aubry describes her self-medicating with oxycodone as giving her the ability to distance herself from painful emotions, numbing the hurt she felt over the loss of her boyfriend, and her inner fears of dealing with her reality. Her drug addiction allowed her to disconnect her from her problems, blocking her feelings of sorrow, and to become less sensitive to the pain and concerns of others. Similarly Brianna Sky speaks about using drugs to self-medicate to cope with major depression from the loss of her father due to an OxyContin drug overdose and dealing with the stressful toxic environment she inhabits with her alcoholic mother. Yet in spite of all of the negative consequence she has seen from abusing OxyContin and other drugs she still continues to use drugs regularly to fill…

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