The Drug Of Drugs And Drugs Essay example

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The drug market has been a popular topic since the day I was born. Yes, it was a long time ago, but it was around. The people mostly was used to smoking marijuana or getting high off of heroin. We didn’t have as many drugs as we see, today. I wonder why? I noticed there are many new laws being created to either legalized or cracked down on certain drugs. At first, I thought drugs were just a part of the 20th century. To my surprise, it was popular in the late 18th and early 19th century. People were using cocaine and heroin to treat certain illnesses. Soon the FDA (Food and Drug Association) began to question the experiments of the drugs being used for treatment. The remedies continue to be used in the 20th century. This is where the people decided they could cure themselves with different remedies. From the 1960s- present, the United States Presidents have been fighting the war even harder since the epidemic of drug use and sales have increased. As the drug epidemic began to spread, law enforcement agencies have been going through the motions of trying to decrease and put an end to illegal drugs on the streets. In this paper, I plan going to give the history of “War on Drugs,” how effective the law enforcement agencies are in trying to put an end to the “War on Drugs,” and my opinions on “War on Drugs.”
During those times I was growing up, I remember how my parents used to talk about the corruption of the police department. This was highly popular on the Southside of…

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