Essay on The Drug Of Drug Addiction

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Previous drug policies such as the war on drugs, the prohibition, the rehabilitation era, and decriminalization have all attempted to solve the drug issue in this county (Marlow, 2011). Marlow (2011) makes a good point in which he states that each of these failed policies lumped drug offenders into a group that could all be “cured” with one policy change, while not recognizing that each offender has their own individual conditions that has resulted in their drug use. The primary goal of all drug policies is to cause the drug offenders to stop using drugs (Anglin and Hser, 1990). Addiction can be considered a brain disease that involves the seeking and using of drugs, regardless of the personal and social consequences that are attributed to drug use (Powledge, 1999). The process of drug addiction is the result of changes made to the body on a neurological level and changes made in the brain’s structure and functioning. It is important to remember that drug addiction can be attributed to genetic, social, neurological, and biological factors, so a policy that does not attempt to address all of the potential factors that lead to and are caused by addiction would be a mistake. The challenge that modern policy has is that in order to accomplish the goal of limiting or stopping drug offending. We must expand the knowledge of neurological and genetic factors in addiction, and to construct a policy that intertwines neurological, genetic, and biosocial environmental aspects of…

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