The Drop Of Atomic Bomb At Hiroshima Essay

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In the last century, humanity had faced many wars, economic crisis, and natural disasters that have destroyed people’s lives. One of the most notable and famous event in the last century is the drop of atomic bomb at Hiroshima. Although, not all events were caused by man-kind, events that have forever changed the lives of others were caused by people. People, who have caused the events, cope negatively with guilt in order to try to see themselves innocently as they were once before. This can be seen throughout the book, The Ash Garden, as they keep reliving the moment of the bombing, blame other people of their own choice, and feels that they are the victims of the event. People easily forget the things they did wrong and mostly remember what they did well, until their action causes devastation of others. The moment when their actions cause harm to many people, their actions haunts them from living in normal life. One of the characters, Anton was German scientist who had worked in the Manhattan project “He openly admitted that his time with the Manhattan District had been disagreeable”(pg 68) Himself knew that what he was doing was going to affect any people. However, even though he saw the effect of the atomic bomb in close hand “After he got back to Hiroshima the taste of ash began to creep in to his mouth while he slept”(pg60) Even he was haunted by the things he saw, he was convinced by his wife Sophie, that what he had done was had to be done in order to stop the…

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