The Drinking Age At 21 Essay example

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The US is known for binge drinking even though the drinking age is set at 21, the highest drinking age compared to other countries. Opponents of the current drinking age argue that setting the drinking age at 21 is creating a “forbidden fruit syndrome” while proponents of the current drinking age argue that it helps to reduce accidents that are alcohol related and traffic fatalities while at the same time it helps to prevent teenagers from accessing alcoholic beverages (Cary). Several countries have their drinking age at 18 years while countries like France serve little amounts of alcohol to their children during dinner (Giggs). By doing this, Dwight B. Heath argues that these countries help to educate their children alcohol and prevent them from binge drinking (Giggs). However, the US is currently debating about lowering the drinking age, and even though the current drinking age is regarded as the culprit of teenage spree drinking in the US, there is no evidence to support the fact that lowering drinking age will help cure the drinking problems in the US. Underage drinking is illegal and alcohol drinking age should remain at 21. According to Cary, a lower drinking age will discourage teenagers from spree drinking and even help to fight sexual assaults. Cary’s argument stems from way before the drinking age was passed and students in colleges consumed alcohol in on university properties. Cary’s argument also stems from the fact, even though, the drinking age is set at…

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