Essay on The Donation Of Blood Donations

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Around 41,000 blood donations are needed everyday. 15.7 million blood donations are received in a year in the United States. With there being a constant demand for blood and less than ten percent of the population donating the blood supply can be sufficiently low considering what is needed. There are four types of donations possible, whole blood, platelets, plasma, and double red cells. Blood drives and donations are highly impacting and important to many people in various communities, while donors also receive some health benefits as well.

The Process
Donating blood is a clean and simple process that a person can easily integrate into one’s frequent schedule. The donation process consists of four simple steps, registration, medical history, a mini-physical, and the donation. The donation of blood takes around 15 minutes, but an hour and fifteen minutes total due to the mini physical and medical history. The convenience of time for this process should promote potential donors to donate regularly. One of the most successful organizations that host national blood drives and provides emergency assistance and disaster relief is the American Red Cross, which was founded in 1881. The organization provides about forty percent of the nation’s blood supply and host thousands of blood drives a year. The blood donor’s physical is simple and includes the taking of temperature, blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin (American Red Cross). The physical is to insure that the donor…

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