The Doll House By Katherine Mansfield Analysis

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“The Doll House” “The Doll House” written by Katherine Mansfield is a short story that entails many different things that show the different people and social classes but the reason the story is written is not necessarily clear in the reading. Just reading on the surface it is an entertaining story but the meaning or purpose of the story may not be clean unless read into further. The story holds different meanings such at the difference in social classes and what they think of each other, the possible future of the two families of children, and finally, the differences in social class, how it is being applied to both families and how they act because of the separation.
First off, the story shows obvious difference in social classes between
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The mother of the Kezia shows dislike for the Kelvey children by replying “Certainly not, Kezia” followed by, “Lil Kelvey 's going to be a servant when she grows up.” The children seem to reflect the views they are around in the fact that Emmie agrees with her mother when she “swallowed in a very meaning way and nodded to Isabel as she 'd seen her mother do on those occasions,” showing that the children do as their parents just because that is how they are raised and not off their own beliefs or thoughts. This also goes to show the social barriers that are put up by the people in their respective classes and society as a whole is separated by who is the most successful and has the nicest things. The mother gives the Kelvey children no chance without knowing them. She simply dismisses the children from being anywhere near their house just off their appearance and social standing alone. The Kelvey children have done nothing to show that they are any less a person then the Burnells but just because they are not as wealthy or successful they are considered as not equal in the eyes of most of the Burnells. Kezia shows her difference from her family by extending her had in friendship to the Kelveys so that they can see the doll house that everyone is so amazed by. The Kelvey’s know not to mingle with the Burnell children. When offered to see the doll house by Kezia, Lil says7, “Your ma told our ma you wasn 't to speak to us,” …show more content…
The inside is immaculate with everything placed perfectly. The lamp stood out most to the children and being brought up as: “the lamp. It stood in the middle of the dining-room table, an exquisite little amber lamp with a white globe.” The lamp is described as “there was something inside that looked like oil, and that moved when you shook it,” This detail could also resemble the beauty of the children of the upper class. The oil inside could represent the fuel inside the children to be better than the rest and Kezia’s to be better than her family in relations to being friendly to everyone no matter their status. The house seems to smell of paint and opened down the middle of the house so it could easily be viewed. The house could represent the Burnell children in the fact that they are accustom to these lavish things and will most likely grow up in a house much like the doll house in the story. It seems as though the rich stay rich while the poor stay poor. The Burnell could grow up to own a house much like the doll house and not think of the fortune they are given for growing up as privileged as they are. The future of the Kelvey children does not look as good as the Burnells. The mother may be wrong with saying that they will be servants but the Kelveys show obvious signs of not being very social or

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