The Does Loneliness Increases Your Death Risk? Essay

1871 Words Mar 18th, 2016 8 Pages
Did you know that loneliness increases your death risk by 26 percent, while social isolation and living alone increases mortality risk by 29 percent? This study was created by researchers at the Brigham Young University (Corbett). There was a kid that lived in Korea that played games all of the time. He forgot to eat, drink and do everything needed to live. While he was playing his game he collapsed and died on the spot from malnutrition. The reason he stayed on the computer so long was for the reason that he was exploring a different reality. He was exploring the one he wanted to be not his life that was lonely.The internet use in people contributes to loneliness, isolation, and social withdraw due to the fact of less face-to-face time, more Internet use, and living alone.
The Internet is a way to communicate. It is an amazing concept that you can send messages instantly to people across the world. If you do not know how to speak their language you can translate instantly. The Internet can also be used as entertainment. There is movies to watch, music to listen to, games to play, etc. There are jobs on the Internet and all people need to produce money to live. A great deal of people use the Internet for information; If they have a question about anything you can type it up and someone will very likely have had the same problem or question and have an answer to it. There are copious amounts of applications the Internet can do in the world. These were just a few examples of…

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