Four Noble Truths In Thevarda Buddhism

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Buddhism is a religion which is considered to have been founded by the doctrine of discipline which is still followed by the people who practice this religion. The Dharma provides is the basis upon which Buddha seeks to provide a supportive social structure to enable its practice within the society. There are certain doctrines which are important in the religion and which govern the practice of the religion. Through their inclusion within the religion individuals are able to pursue happiness through the religion.
Thevarda Buddhism is a branch of the religion which utilises the teaching of Buddha as they have been preserved in the original language of Pali. These texts form the core of the doctrine of discipline as is relied upon
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To the practicing Buddhists it is considered as the general laws which govern the people who practice the religion in accordance to the teachings of Buddha. While inferring to the law, it specifically means the teaching of Buddha which are equated to the law within the context of Buddhism. It provides the people with the four noble truths of which provide the basis for understanding the Buddhist thoughts and perceptions to many things in life. These four noble truths contained within the Dharma need to be experienced in a person’s life for a better understanding. These four truths remain the central elements that guide the people and form the core of the Thevarda …show more content…
According to the Thevarda Buddhism, however, Sangha is a name given only to the individuals who have attained one of the noble truths which are considered as stages of enlightenment within the religion. This seeks to make a differentiation from the lay communal followers of the religion or the entire community of Buddhists within the society. Sangha refers to specific individuals who have attached a certain level of enlightenment. The concept is one of the three refuges of the religion and seeks to bring strength of the people through the unity. Individuals who have attained the level of enlightenment described, congregate together to practice the values of the religion in order to enhance it’s important within the

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