The Division Of A Brain Essay

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The Division of a Brain If a brain was to be divided in half and transplanted into two brainless bodies, the original person would survive as two different people, but the original person would not be identical to them. Identity as a whole is one and in one brain and one body, if divided part of the original person will be in each of the two bodies. The original person would not be considered to be either of them, but a part of the original person continues in them as they develop their own identity. This continuity might be through memory and thoughts that the resulting individuals carry with them. It is impossible for the whole identity to survive in two different bodies, even if they have half of the original person’s brain in them. According to Parfit there are only three possibilities as to what happens to people if the brain is divided. “(1) I do not survive; (2) I survive as one of the two people; (3) I survive as both.” (Perry, 354) The interpretation that seems the most reliable is that the original person survives as both. By surviving it is meant that they continue to live with half of the original person’s brain, although not being identical to them. Personal identity is what makes an individual unique and distinct from anyone else. To have that thought erased and to portray identity as something else is not easy. “The belief that identity is what matters is hard to overcome.” (Perry, 357) Personal identity is what separates individuals from…

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