The Diving Bell And The Butterfly Essay examples

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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a testament to more than the clichéd human spirit, but to the original reality that we are more than the sum of our collective parts. Bauby’s courage to reclaim his life amongst unthinkable challenges creates inspiring accountability to us all, both personally and professionally to never stop our achievement in the name of those who cannot. The author presents a realism in tragedy that challenges our comfortability and forces the reader to experience and imagine, rather than observe and empathize. Loss begins to carve out a human form and communicate to readers a real-time urgency of compassion and thoughtfulness. This imagination converts dreams and nightmares into what we see and feel everyday and as a medical professional, there must always be a connection between possibility and the fantastic if the best care is to be given. Furthermore, Bauby reaffirms the intense and deep relationship that medical care givers can have and ultimately play in not only the well-being of a patient, but the legacy of a man.
The inherent difference between the ‘diving-bell’s metaphor Bauby presents and that confinement of his father being trapped in his apartment, is mobility. In a diving bell, the passenger is not in control of the submerged chamber and is not designed to allow the person to move or survive beyond the bell’s lifeline to the surface. This is a direct relationship to the umbilical cord Bauby has to his medical room, bed and staff…

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