The Disease Of The Infectious Diseases Essay

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Accordingly to Nathan Wolfe, most of the infectious diseases appeared only after the origins of agriculture. Five intermediate stages were identified which a pathogen only infecting animals may become a pathogen infecting humans. Most major human infectious diseases have animal origins. Doctors and health professionals should focus on people who are constantly interacting with wild animals like hunters, wildlife veterinarians, zoo workers and workers in the wildlife. Those people are constantly interacting with animals and can easily be infected by animal viruses and their infections can be transferred to other people in contact with them.
Diseases are categorized in five stages. The five stages are: stage one- agent only in animals, stage two- primary infection, stage three- limited outbreak, stage four- long outbreak and stage five- exclusive human agent. On stage one - The pathogen is present only in animals but not detected in humans; On stage two - Animals can transmit the disease into humans, but humans cannot transmit it to each other. Example: Rabbis virus; On stage three - A pathogen infecting animals that are not detected in humans can be transmitted to humans. If a human is infected they can infect other people in contact with them. Example: Ebola; On stage four - Animals can transmit the pathogen into humans and they easily transmit the virus to one another. Example: Plague; On stage five- The pathogen is only found in

humans. Example:…

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