Essay on The Discussion Of Sexual Identity

1508 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
When analyzing the topic Sexual Identity I investigated that the majority of people were against schools teaching sexual identity however, some don’t. In discussion of sexual identities, one controversial issue has been that not many people or not many parents agree to schools teaching students this topic. On the other hands theirs parents that don’t mind about schools teaching it. Others even maintain they well support their children no matter what they want because it’s up to them. My own view is that, I’ve always believed that a couple is based on a man and a woman. Although I should know better by now I cannot help to think that children are going to be taught sexual identities at a very young age. At the same time schools have a very strong point, because they feel like children don’t know how they feel about themselves, and they should know, or if they feel that they don’t belong in their body. As of right now a lot of children are growing up with different thoughts from the ones I had. Schools shouldn’t be teaching sexual identities because I believe it doesn’t correspond to them. Parents should be the ones talking to their children’s when they think it’s convenient.
We also should know that their parents that don’t communicate with their children or that don’t talk to them about sexual identities or sex related, so that’s one of their purposes, so they want to do it at schools. I feel that this would take the child’s identity away, or their mentality well change…

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