Essay on The Discrimination Of The United States

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Nowadays, being resident or citizen of a country might benefit or detriment an individual depending from what point of view it’s being seen from. For example, being an American comes with a lot of benefits due to the reason that the United States provides their citizens and residents with a lot of federal assistance. However, if an individual who is American goes to a country in which Americans are not welcome like Syria, Afghanistan, or Iran he or she will most probably get persecuted by the citizens of that nation due to the belief that, Americans are tyrants who bring chaos to a society. This belief of Americans being instigators of chaos might not be true at all, but yet people from those nations choose to believe that because that’s their stereotype of Americans. An ethnicity that can relate to this unfair treatment of being persecuted just for a prejudice belief are the people from Hispanic or Latino background who live in America. Even though they are citizens or residents of the United States they usually get stigmatize as “illegal immigrants” or get mistreated due to their ancestry. This paper will focus on the criminalization of immigration, how negative publicity is affecting illegal immigration, and how anti-immigrants are influencing on the illegal immigration reform. According to Hipsman and Meissner (2013), immigration has always occurred throughout the American history, but there has been four peak periods that led the United States into the creation of…

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