Essay on The Discrimination Of Gay And Lesbian Rights

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Throughout history, people who identify as homosexual have faced many obstacles, discrimination, and abuse. It has taken many protests,riots and even acts of violence for them to be at the point where they are today. Although it has taken many years for homosexuality to be accepted in society, we now live in a world where gays and lesbians are equally integrated. Those who pushed for the advancement of gay and lesbian rights were successful because gays and lesbians are now able to be legally married.

In history being homosexual was seen to be taboo and uncommon; homosexuality was described as a mental illness. Homosexuals weren 't able to openly be with a person of the same sex. People who were categorized as homosexual have had to endure many hate crimes because sexual orientation was not protected by civil rights. Before 1973 when homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness, aversion therapy was used in order to treat homosexual patients. The treatment that was used such as shock therapy are now recognized as a form of torture. According to Huff Post "In the more brutal therapy sessions, the shock was delivered directly to the male patient’s genitals every time the patient experienced any form of positive response to the slides being shown to him." In the 1940 's most families involuntarily committed their children to psychiatric hospitals where they were then subjected to Inhumane treatments such as castrations, torture drugs, shock therapy, and lobotomies. Dr.…

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