The Discrimination Of American Society Essay

1118 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
Society expects certain behaviors from its citizens based on tradition and the predominantly represented demographics in places of power. In the U.S., white, cisgendered, wealthy men control the majority of the nation’s authorities and impose their beliefs on society. Those who differ from those beliefs are denied basic rights and are treated worse depending on the level of differentiation. As a white, upper-middle class American citizen, I am exempt from much of the oppression forced on those who do not fall into such categories. However, as a woman, I am subject to sexism in my everyday life. This exemplifies the absurdly strict rules of American society. These unspoken rules suggest that that those whose characteristics differ even slightly from the norm, should be treated differently. That is to say, even in a place of privilege, conservative expectations pressure individuals to act in accordance with hegemonic traditions.
This oppression is created by an unequal displacement of power. Because the majority of power is given to a specific demographic, minorities are left neglected and oppressed. The issue with power also facilitates a dangerous cycle ultimately rendering minorities helpless. “[Black people] are excommunicated from the sphere of human concern" and "rendered invisible". This thought is reinforced by unequal representation. The certain demographics in power are less likely to represent those who to whom they do not easily identify and, in turn, feed this…

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