Essay on The Discovery Of The Americas And The Reformation Of Europe

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The discovery of the Americas and the reformation of Europe had major impacts on Western Civilization. Columbus set out to find the Americas in order to find riches. In North America, the French set out to find a new passage way to China. In 1492 Columbus first reached the Americas. Amerigo Vespucci, led the voyage across the Atlantic, which ultimately led to the naming of Americas after Amerigo. Fifteen years after Ferdinand and Isabella expelled all Jews from Spain and the last Muslims out of Granada it seemed as though the Catholic Church was triumphant, until Martin Luther started a movement for religious reform. The discovery of the Americas caused many impacts on the world, one being, a new era of slavery. Slavery already existed in the world, but the discovery of the Americas caused it to become worse. Race and Color began to be attached to servitude and the economic scale of slave labor expanded. Over the next centuries to follow, slavery will explode in the Americas. Another impact caused by the discovery of the Americas was The Columbian Exchange. This event was an exchange of people, animals, plants, manufactured goods, precious metals, and disease between Africa, Europe, and the New World. Columbus started this process, however it stretched out long after his adventures to the New World. Traveling to and from these three different countries caused different diseases to be transferred that some people had not be exposed to, causing many deaths. Traveling…

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