Essay The Discovery Of Space Solar Power

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When one thinks of Space Solar power they think of something that is futuristic. In 1941, Issac Asmiov who wrote science fiction published a short story called “Reason.” In the short story, it talked about a space station that collected energy from the sun to send to other planets by the usage of microwave beams. In the story there is a line that says, “"Our beams feed these worlds energy drawn from one of those huge incandescent globes that happens to be near us. We call that globe the Sun ... "This was the first glimpse of space solar power. Dr. Peter Glaser created the concept of Space solar power 40 years ago when there was a time of panic, when many people were worrying about an energy crisis occurring. There was awareness that fossil fuels were finite so Glaser wanted to have his idea heard. He believed that we needed to find clean sources of energy soon because of climate change. The whole idea of having space solar power had been evaluated repeatedly by NASA and the Department of Energy. After the many evaluations it had been concluded that when speaking technological terms there are no issues of allowing space solar power to happen. The only issues are the economic costs. Will space solar power ever become the answer to our ideas about having an alternative source of energy? Glaser recently passed away this year and he had high hopes of space solar power becoming an important innovation in the future of mankind. There are solar power satellites that have…

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