The Discovery Of Cow Stem Cells Essay

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To many people the idea of lab grown meat sounds repulsive, but with further research into the subject they may alter their opinion. It all started in 1931 when Winston Churchill proclaimed, "We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium." Even though he was not a scientist and had no idea of what would go into growing meat, chemists ran with the idea and finally succeeded. The first breakthrough was when Dutch scientists used cow stem cells to grow the first beef-like muscles tissue. After many more advances the first lab grown burger taste test was held in London on August 5, 2013. Only two people permitted to savor the five ounce burger: Josh Schonwald, the American author of “The Taste of Tomorrow,” and Hanni Rützler, an Austrian nutritional scientist. Both established that it tasted "almost" like a legitimate hamburger. Not bad for the first test. Now Memphis Meats, an organization dedicated to creating lab grown meat, has manufactured meatballs that according to the taste tester in their video "tastes like a meatball". So if the flavor keeps getting better and better, why wouldn 't this evolution be pushed to become part of the American people 's regular diet especially when it comes with so many other benefits.
In the U.S. alone over 56 billion innocent animals are slaughtered for food each year, not including the endless amount of sea creatures that are only…

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