The Disclosure Of Hiv And Sexual Partners And The Ethnics Essay

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Do individuals have the human right to disclose or not disclose their HIV positive status? Mary O’Grady examines the disclosure of HIV positive individuals status to their sexual partners and the ethnics’ behind the disclosure. She investigates the rights to self-preservation, privacy and confidentiality. The study found that such disclosure could result in negative impacts including stigma and discrimination towards individuals who are HIV positive. In addition, by protecting individual’s rights prevention behaviors will be practiced more widely resulting in the public health goal of a decline in the spread of HIV.

Why is the level of unprotected sex in the homosexual community in San Francisco rising? In this study 150 individuals were randomly selected, some HIV positive and the others not to be interviewed in order to measure their awareness to disclosure practices and the risks and attitudes about HIV transmission. This was done in order to measure the HIV exposure as well as the relationship between individuals and community norms. The study found that due to fear of rejection from HIV positive individuals who did not want to engage in sex with a condom, HIV negative individuals participated in unprotected sex, which resulted in transmission of the virus.

Has the Criminal Transmission of HIV gone from sickness to badness? In this study Trevor Horne examines how the Criminal transmission of HIV went from being “criminalization of sickness to “criminalization of…

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