The Dimensions From The Ram Essays

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Marital Assessment
Dimensions from the RAM The dimensions from the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) are know, trust, rely, commit, and touch. Jack and Jill are lacking in several of these areas, which is impacting their marriage in negative ways. Jack and Jill’s show behaviors towards one another that are causing a wall to be building between them. When they have the time they are able to go out on a date and spend time with other another, they get along, but they have not made time for that. This causes the couple to feel like they do not completely know one another, so in result the know dimension on the scale has decreased a little bit. This is adversely impacting their marriage because they are not making time for one another. Also, the trust between the couple has plummeted because they complain to each other, they complain to their children about one another, they are not able to communicate about their relationship issues without the conversation escalading in a damaging way, they do not make time for one another, etc. Because of all the negative actions they show in their relationship they are distancing themselves, resulting in trust being lost and declining on the RAM model. I strongly believe that because Jack’s mom lives with them and provides financial support this causes Jill to rely less on Jack. Also, Jack cannot rely on Jill because she talks with her parents and siblings about the issues she is going through with Jack. Her family has accused him of…

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