The Differentiation Of Genders Are Maintained Through Systematic Oppression

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The differentiation of genders is maintained through systematic oppression. Oppression occurs at a micro and macro scale, from workplace discrimination in the US to mass murder in Pakistan. Cordelia Fine, in her book Delusions of gender : How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference, points out the blatant sexism that exists within the field of neuroscience. She dissects the words of Thomas Gisborne, who argues that fields relating to science, law, and business should be reserved for men, and that the talents of a woman lies elsewhere:
‘The superiority of the female mind is unrivalled’, enjoying ‘powers adapted to unbend the brow of the learned, to refresh the over-laboured faculties of the wise, and to diffuse, throughout the family circle, the enlivening and endearing smile of cheerfulness’. What awfully good luck that these womanly talents should coincide so happily with the duties of the female sex. (13)
In this passage, Fine criticizes how the “equal but different” mentality serves to keep women confined to feminine chores. They are discouraged from pursuing their interests and utilizing their full potential in order to conform to societal expectations. Such irrational statements are justified through a variety of different ways. One of these ways is through science because scientific evidence is perceived as credible and true. The majority of research regarding the differences between male and female brain structure exists to reinforce sexist ideas and…

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