The Different Types Of Ethics And Understanding That Morals Are Necessary

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Two ideas that are important in the lesson are understanding all of the different types of ethics and understanding that morals are necessary. Each different form of ethics are needed to complete the whole concept of ethics and the need for morals has always been around. Utilitarianism focuses on the fact that morals have guide lines, you should only do what gives you the most happiness, and this is balanced out by rule and act utilitarianism. Deciding when the overall happiness is in fact more important than individual happiness and when overall happiness is not more important than the happiness of the few. Virtues give us great specific characteristic values to try and follow that can personally turn us into better human beings. Care ethics fills the gap with just that, caring. The fact that caring, having empathy, and knowing what is right over what feels good and makes you happy. While Divine ethics puts the power to define what is morally right in gods or a higher powers will. Thus trying to create a check and balance for human error in what is and is not moral. They are all important to the overall goal of building good ethics for humanity.
I think it’s important to know all the different types of ethics and understand them so that we can continue to learn from them and continue to grow them as time goes on. If you look at each type of ethics and virtues they all are a missing puzzle piece of each other. They have the same goal in mind, but branch off into different…

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