The Different Causes Of Divorce

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In our society divorce is becoming a more and more common, it is the result of more than fifty percent of marriages. Married couples are getting divorced due to many different reasons whether it be because a spouse having an affair, loss of romantic feelings or loss of interest, illnesses, and many others. So many different things can result from a divorce such as anger, depression, anxiety, and in some cases even suicide. It can affects almost everyone in their lives but the ones that it is the most devastating for are the children. Many of these divorces have children stuck in the middle of everything and don’t know how to deal with the situation. They are made to choose aside no matter how much they do not want to and overnight one parent …show more content…
Depression can sometimes be contagious so if parents are not happy neither are their children. Children can sense when something is wrong and will usually not be afraid to say something about it either. If a couple are no longer happy being together no matter how much they try and hide it, their actions and behavior do change and children will notice the change. They notice when a simple morning good bye kiss is skipped or if a parent goes to bed long before the other, the tone in their voices, everything changes. Many parents fail to take notice in how much their attitude and behavior reflects in their child, they are their role models, heroes, and will look to them for guidance. So when parents make the decision to stay together for the children and see if they can work things out, they do not realize the effects it can have on their children. Constant arguing, a fight can be started over the smallest things, something that would not have even bothered the parents before and often times the anger is passed on the children who have no idea what they did to receive this kind of treatment. Living like this can be very confusing and sad for children. All children want to do is make their parents happy, no matter how poorly they are being treated, only they don’t know how. It is also very traumatizing and unhealthy when abuse is involved. Child abuse has a powerful effect on children. It not only leaves scars on the body but the brain also. Children who experience child abuse are said to develop a unique form of PTSD. Leaving them traumatized maybe not for life but a very long time causing them to lose many things such as their self-esteem or ability to trust because the two people they trust and love unconditionally let them down. So even though divorce is never a good thing and will cause some harmful effects, it will always be

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