The Different Aspects Of Subconscious Motivation Essay examples

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This study connects the two different aspects of subconscious goal motivation. Two studies portray the effects of modifying subconscious goal motivation, and its combined influence with assigned conscious goals on the task performance. Both the studies yielded a considerable connection between subconscious and conscious goals. Assigned goals with a relatively higher difficulty level were seen to be modified by the presence or absence of subconscious goals; however, easier assigned goals remain unaffected. Since the article relates the two concepts of goal motivation: goal setting theory (Locke & Latham 1990) and goals at subconscious levels (Chartrand & Bargh 2002), the article begins with brief analyses of both the theories. Goal setting theory evaluates the role of conscious motivation in situations with different types of goals, and the subconscious theory examines whether manipulating the subconscious motivation effects the task performance in any manner. Goal setting theory, primarily states that difficult assigned goals are responsible for better performance, goal commitment and increased skill.
Bargh & Charthand propose that manipulating the subconscious motivation can enhance the goal outcomes. Subconscious activation of goal perception, commitment and interest could automatically lead to a more efficient performance. An astonishing way of waking the subconscious motivation used by Bargh et al. is “Priming.” The process involves the activation of connections…

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