The Differences Between The People Of Louisiana Essay

1983 Words Nov 13th, 2016 8 Pages
People of Louisiana are like no other, especially the further south you commute either by car or by boat. South Louisianan people are known for their food, fun, and Mardi Gras where there is no shortage of sweet tea or hospitality. Described as charming, kind, generous, decent, loyal, handy, and helpful. Sometimes referred to as a French Cajun or French Creole, today the word French has been omitted and shortened to just Cajun or Creole. The importance of this distinction is the two groups reside in separate locations of the state. Locations of residence dictates advantages and disadvantages within the health services of the two. The difference between the two are that Cajuns originated greatly from England and were brought to Louisiana by the French to work after they were driven from the Arcadian lands. The Cajuns family linear remained pure for many years and many reasons. The most direct reason is the then Arcadians spoke with a funny dialect and were dominantly illiterate. The local French wanted nothing to do with the Arcadians and shunned them. It wasn’t till sometime after WWII when the soldiers arrived home that they decided to migrate further into the state and cohabitate with the locals. Still to this day the French Cajuns live throughout Central Louisiana westward in an urban environment. The focus of my paper will be on the French Creole which inherited their name only after the Cajuns married and procreated children with others than themselves. The term creole…

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