The Differences Between Sport And Warfare Essays

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While there are several general theories that suggest why Greek sport developed as it did, the evidence provided in Book 23 of the Iliad strongly suggests sport in Ancient Greece developed due to warfare. The similarities between sport and warfare are most apparent in the common values associated with each, the necessity of divine support to succeed, and finally the Ancient Greeks’ view of contest. Through the examination of these three aspects of sport and warfare, the similarities that arise are far too numerous to be pure coincidence, and would, therefore, infer that sport originated as a less lethal form of competition between city-states. Upon initial observation of athletes and soldiers, it is apparent that both parties share many of the same core values concerning their profession. Initially, the professions of athlete and warrior have drastically different careers goals, but despite these differences, there are countless common ordeals and values associated between the two careers of Ancient Greece. These values are most commonly visible when perceiving the careers of these individuals, the societal norms, and the presentation of victory to the winner. Firstly, it is essential to compare these two careers from the viewpoint of an Ancient Greek, such as within the Iliad. From book 23 of the Iliad sport at that point, and likely since creation was much more interconnected. In the Iliad, it was a coincidence that the sports competitor were also soldiers, but Classical…

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