The Differences Between Right And Wrong Essays

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Within the last decade or two scientists started doing extensive research projects on human DNA. Scientists hoped to find ways to prevent diseases, and in some cases get rid of them all together. In recent years they have found that by genetically altering the DNA makeup of an embryo they can change characteristics and cut out entire DNA strands of diseases altogether. Science has made it possible for parents to begin choosing characteristics that they wish to have in their children. The characteristics that they can choose consist of eye color, hair color, etc. but they can also look at the child’s genetic makeup, which shows parents what diseases their child could have when they are born. For parents to be able to decide their child’s genetic makeup for themselves is a very controversial topic that can cause many disagreements even amongst the best of friends. With the advancement of technology the difference between right and wrong begins to blur.
The world today is much different than it was 50 years ago, and with the advancement of technology the world has started to change daily. In Britain, in 2013, scientists started to play with the idea of an embryo having three parents instead of two. People found this to be a direct violation of all things ethical, but some disagreed. In order to undergo this process scientists want a moral reason for doing so. If a mother wants a child but is afraid of the risks her DNA may pose to any child she has then scientists put them…

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