The Differences Between Biological Origins And Gender Roles Essay examples

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In various different cultures there are traditions and rituals that define what it means to be a man or a woman in a specific culture. Growing up in the U.S i have seen many ways in which biological origins have influenced the gender roles in a society. Different roles vary in different countries all around the world from labor, marrige, socaliaation and education. However, as things change a wide variety of things are accepted in todays time,. Tradiontionally, in most countries the woman are the nurturers and the men are the providers. With times changing woman have been able to expand their career paths and work outsidee of the home. Although, the equality in the workplace is different throughout cultures. Men and woman are stereotyped by the everyday society. Men must be masculine and strong while woman must provide. The controversies in different cultures that put a label on gender roles come up very often. One of them that stuck out to me was the “burqa ban”. Woman in Afghan cultures are supposed to wear a full faced vail, leaving the eyes clear. Woman should not have to hide from soceity, the vail is degrating and portrays them as weak. Woman in the U.S and many other countries for that matter, do not have this issue. However, those who do not think that the vail should be eliminated will argue that it is tradion, and a value to their culture and therefore should not be abolished by woman who want more rights. “They argue in favor of the “burqa ban” by

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