Essay on The Difference Between Men And Women

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“The Difference Between Men and Women”

The video over “The Difference Between Men and Women” is an informative documentary reporting on gender polarity and the neurological reasons that could be causing the variations, as well as some myths pertaining to the differentiations between the sexes, and if they are scientifically true or false. A few of the myths included in the program were listening, snoring, aggression, driving, and cheating among various others in relation to males versus females. The program, hosted by ABC News, features several guest such as Billy Goldberg and Mark Leyner, who have co-authored Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex, Dr. Louann Brizandine, a neuropsychiatrist who authored the book, The Female Brain, and Ben Barres, who is a transgender neurobiologist, who advocates for female rights in science due to his personal involvement with bias. The research leads a viewer through the processing, chemistry, structure, and activity to decipher the variance of the male and female brain. Gender differences extend beyond what the normal eye might see. Therefore, scientists have proven through experiments and studies that there is in fact some diversity between the neurological male and female brains. Throughout the video, several experiments substantiate the scientific findings. One experiment showed positively for the male gender in relation to spatial relation, by leading men and women, blindfolded through an underground tunnel maze on a campus, and…

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