The Diet By Carol Ann Duffy Essay

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Carol Ann Duffy’s, The Diet, employs a variety of literary techniques to explore loss of identity, dieting, eating disorders and the ways in which these themes interconnect with feminism and femininity. The Diet is part of a collection of poems entitled the Feminine Gospels, the focus of which is showcasing the less desirable aspects of womanhood and providing social commentary on female issues, usually told from the perspective of a woman. The theme of change and transformation is also presented in this poem, connecting it to other poems in the collection such as The Woman Who Shopped which also incorporate change and transformation.

In the opening stanza of the poem, the diet and character undertaking the diet are presented to the reader. It is notable that the character is not given a name or convincing identity which connects to the recurring theme of loss of identity throughout the poem. This is followed by a list sardonically detailing the extremities of the diet and suggesting the ironic undertones of such a practice. This could also be social criticism, highlighting the needless severity of dieting. The energetic pace is emphasised by the use of caesuras and the language is reasonably realistic and gives the impression that the character is, at this point connected to reality.

The character’s rapid decline becomes apparent in the second stanza when despite her dangerous weight loss, she continues to refrain from eating; “She starved on, stayed in, stared in the…

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