The Dialogue Of Don Corleone

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Data 6 is taken from personal dialogue of Don Corleone when he tells his suspicious about Solozzo to his people. Even though there is no direct response, the interlocutor was understand the intended meaning, Presuppositions that can be derived from part of the dialogue are:
1. Don Corleone known person called Solozzo
2. Solozzo was his threat or dangerous person.
From the first presupposition on this data it include on existential proposition. It shows that Don Corleone knows and realizes the existence of Solozzo. While the second one triggered by word ‘worried’ include on type of lexical presupposition. Those presuppositions formed a context or in another word the chosen word represented the context. Related conversation that formed the context:
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He’s dead.
Don Corleone : I want all inquiries made. I want no acts of vengeance. I want you to arrange a meeting, with the heads of the five families. This war stops now. From a number of presuppositions above, pragmatically Don Corleone tried to solve the problem that happening. Those presuppositions exist because Tom as his counselor or private lawyer understood his problems so well. Don Corleon as head of one of important figure in mafia circle hold a great role in the chaos, moreover his son was died because of that. Hence, Don Corleone did not need mention intended names in detail to Tom. Moreover, the writer found two contexts concerned with Don Corleone’s dialogue. In utterance ‘with the heads of the five families’ the intended families here were in the context as same Mafia families that was not just any kind of influential families. Then, word “war” was in context of intern clash among Italian mafia family only. Data 9 and 10 are found in one utterance of Don Corleone. The Dialogue was in funeral parlor of Bonasera, when he ask Bonasera to give treatment to Sony’s wounds in order to Sony have better look before his funeral. Presuppositions that can be derived from part of the data 9
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Since Don Corleone knows what kind of skill that possessed by Bonasera he directly trusted Bonasera without explain in detail what he wants. Whereas, second presupposition has relation with presupposition in data 10, presupposition that can be derived from part of the data 10 is his wife will see corpse of their son. Found in utterance ‘I don’t want his mother to see him in this way’ this presupposition includes on types of lexical presupposition. As said before that presupposition on data 9 has relation with presupposition on data 10 to find the

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