The Devil 's Highway By Luis Alberto Urrea Essay

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Immigration Reform in the United States
There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who come to the United States from all around the world every year. The main reason for immigrants, legal and illegal, coming to the United States is that they all want a chance for a better life. Many people believe that the United States is one of the best countries for immigration because it has been known as the land of opportunity for centuries. Therefore, many illegal immigrants from Central and South America are willing to risk their lives to cross the harsh environment in the United States-Mexico border in search for better jobs and economic opportunities for themselves and their families. The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea is a true story about a deadly journey of twenty-six Mexicans who crossed the border illegally into a region known as the Devil’s Highway. Urrea provides new insights into the world of smugglers and describes about the loopholes in the United States immigration system and border policy. It is a well known fact that illegal immigration has long been a serious social problem in the United States because it has become a two-sided issue that circles around mass amnesty and mass forced deportation. However, these options do not provide any absolute solution for everyone as they are double-edged swords which have both positive and negative effects on the economy and society of the United States. If the United States government does not review and reform our…

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