The Devil And Tom Walker, By Washington Irving Essay

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People who take shortcuts in life doesn’t mean it will always affect them in a positive way. The outcome of your decisions you make will be based on how you determine it. In the fiction short story “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving explains to us that shortcuts are not always the best solution. Also, that our natural temptation will lead to greed which can consume and destroy us.
The symbolic imagery used to describe Tom and his wife 's household in "The Devil and Tom Walker" reflects the simplistic moral that greed consumes the individual. The physical setting of the Walker 's home reflects their selfishness and their already doomed relationship. The house itself is miserable and neglected, much like Tom and his wife and their relationship. Immediately after introducing Tom and his wife, Irving writes, "They lived in a forlorn-looking house that stood alone, and had an air of starvation" (237). The house 's lonely and sad imagery symbolizes the loneliness and sadness that must be part of their marriage since they do not share with one another. The starved appearance of the house then represents how their greed consumes them so they are starved of companionship and love. The setting surrounding the house, furthermore, symbolizes their sterile lives, their stinginess, and the unwelcoming surroundings: "A few straggling savin trees, emblems of sterility, grew near it; no smoke ever curled from its chimney, no traveler stopped at its door" (237). The savin trees…

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