Essay on The Devil And Miss Prym By Paulo Coelho

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The Devil and Miss Prym Desire and temptation are very closely linked. We are tempted by the things that we desire and in many cases will do whatever it takes, even if this entails going against our own morals, to achieve them. The struggle to be satisfied when we desire something often puts us in a position where we are tempted go against our own beliefs. In the novel The Devil and Miss Prym, by Paulo Coelho, there are many examples of characters who endure this temptation in which they contemplate the unimaginable. In the novel, Chantal is living in the town of Viscos and is soon approached by a stranger who is trying to discover more about the correlation between man and good and evil. The stranger has a mass amount of gold on him and Chantal is given two choices. In the first scenario, Chantal tells the village about the gold and informs them that if they kill someone in the village the town will receive the gold thus proving that man is evil. In the second scenario, Chantal must not inform the town of the gold and take it for herself, proving that man is evil. Chantal takes both options into consideration, she knows that this gold would personally benefit her, “it could take her anywhere in the world” (97). But she had to keep in mind that if the stranger tells the town of the gold, they may view her in a different light. This is when Chantal 's desires get mixed with her morals. Chantal begins to stress over this hard decision she must make, and begins to lose…

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