The Developmental Disability Essay

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In this research I will be talking on the behalf of the developmental disability population and will be telling you a little bit of their story and what they and peoples with great heart have had to endure in their life. They are fighters who fight and struggle to live while others tell them they can 't. All they want is to be treated like a human being because that is what they are! From the earliest times, they have lived in the shadows and have been stepped over by those who think they are superior. Organization have been formed in order to get the best plan to help to this special population. Developmentally disable people deserve the most normal life they can get because they may have some struggles, but they are capable.
Developmental disability population has found a lot of obstacles through the curse of society 's evolution. Worldwide this special population has faced the cruelest part of ‘ 'humanity ' 'or nondisabled people. Different cultures had its own point of view about this topic.Bible the most powerful book show its posture about disabling peo ple.Many years ago the family of developmental disable or children with any kind of deformities were forced to put those children to live in institutions because it was the only one choice at that time.In those institutions far away from educated or take care of them, they were maltreated.The activities there were spend the day sitting in a chair doing nothing or worse than that all the day in a crib with all…

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