Essay on The Development Of Functional Organization

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Funtional organization is defined as the principle of specialization based on function or role. So, when discussing functional organization it is my understanding that this concept refers to the idea that regions communicate based on a larger goal (the brain works together in ways that make sense in coordination with the person’s actions and thought processes).The functional organization of the brain is best categorized as a flexible, but constrained network of interrelated regions. That being said, it may be interesting to examine what occurs when the brain is not operating functionally. So, in this paper I will review literature about the development of functional organization as well as 2 situations in which functional connectivity is altered to examine what occurs when there are abnormalities in connectivity.
In their 2014 study Chai et al. examined functional connectivity throughout different developmental ages (ranging from 8 to 24). Based on previous research on brain development throughout different ages, they hypothesized that correlations and anticorrelations, specifically in memory and other executive functions, would be related to age. Specifically they hypothesized that there would be more anticorrelations between default and task-positive networks as the participants got older. They assessed this hypothesis through administering an fMRI on 82 “normally” functioning participants (reasonable IQs, normal or corrected visual acuity, free of major psychiatric or…

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