The Development Of A Child 's Theory Of Mind Essay

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Abstract Theory of mind is a crucial part of a child’s development, which is affected and depends on various aspects surrounding the said child. In as much as one can have their own opinions, children reach a certain age where they learn that they are not always right, and people can have a different viewpoint than them. The period of granting them each and every wish ends, and now they learn that things are not always to be done their way.
This paper pays attention to two articles that look at differing aspects of the development of a child on matters theory of mind, as long as testing the role that language plays in the development of a child’s theory of mind. The first article looks at the exposure of children to various native media, and how that affects their development. As seen, media has so much influence on the development of a child’s theory of mind, due to the large amount of information that is readily available. The second article looks at teenagers with autistic disorder, since they are already considered as slow. Turns out that autism does not affect the theory of mind in any way. Just the different environmental factors that they experience. Another aspect that affects the theory of mind is language, which can be trained and learned for better results.

Theory of mind is mostly associated with, but not limited to children. This is the understanding that different people have different viewpoints and thoughts, and it usually develops…

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