Essay on The Development And Deployment Of Energy Efficiency

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3. Discussion on sector specific policies: Policy measures are necessary to create market conditions for efficient equipment and also to drive consumer choices towards long term cost effective energy efficient options. The main objective of any measure should be to speed up the development and deployment of energy efficiency in various sectors of the economy (Eusterfeldhaus and Barton 2011). In the New Zealand economy, Transport sector with 35.24% was the highest energy consuming sector which was followed by industrial sector with 30.96%. Other energy intensive sectors includes residential, commercial and agriculture sector which in total consumes around 34% of total energy consumption of New Zealand. New Zealand is currently implementing many policies and targeting different sectors of the economy which are described in the following subsections (Peng et al. 2015) (Barry Barton, Sally Blackwell, Gerry Carrington, Rebecca Ford, Rob Lawson, Janet Stephenson, Paul Thorsnes and John Williams February 2013). A list of sector specific policies of new Zealand has been consolidated in Table 1 (Appendix A). 3.1. Residential: Residential energy consumption in New Zealand accounts for around 12.5% of the total energy. In the year 2012, with around 1475 kilo ton of oil equivalent (ktoe) residential sector was the third highest energy consuming sector in New Zealand (International Energy Agency (IEA) 2014). As per a study conducted by Building Research Association of New Zealand, the…

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