The Determinants Of Human Trafficking Essay examples

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The topic of figuring out and understanding the determinants of human trafficking can be very difficult as well as extremely time consuming. Since human trafficking is an underground business, it is not easily accessed (Jac-Kucharski, 2012). Many victims of human trafficking do not come forth to discuss their victimization, due to the fear of the traffickers (Jac-Kucharski, 2012). Due to this, my research design will be of existing data research. I will examine the different cases that have taken on the task of attempting to pinpoint the determinants of human trafficking. From that examination, I will use some of the many prevalent determinants found to figure out if they can be seen as logical, plausible, and valid determinants of human trafficking.
Variable Operationalization
Dependent Variable The dependent variables for my research proposal are those individuals who are being taken into the business of human trafficking. This means the variable are the women and children (Mohsen, 2016) who are taken from their homes or are taken while traveling, and are made to be exploited in many different ways. Means of exploitation such a sexual exploitation as well as labor exploitation (Acharya, Suarez, & de Jesus Gomez Ontiveros, 2016). The people who are being taken into human trafficking is the dependent variable because this research is trying to determine what leads them to become victims of human trafficking. This research is being done to try and see what factors…

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