The Department Of Health And Human Service Essay example

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Introduction The Department of Health and Human Service’s hired a new CEO to oversee operations. After a few weeks on the job, he observed that a large amount of subordinate workers utilized nicotine products and spent a lot of time taking smoke breaks. In accordance with how the new CEO interpreted the agency’s mission statement and to provide the best practices to promote the health and well-being of the citizens, he issued a four part directive concerning those that utilized nicotine:
1. No smoking on agency grounds
2. After a period of six months, employees would be blood tested for nicotine in their system
3. If employees tested positive for nicotine, they would have an additional six months to quit, after that six months, if they tested positive again, they would be terminated
4. The agency would provide a cessation program for employees wishing to quit smoking and maintaining their position with the agency
Upon these directives, nicotine workers formed a group to protest parts of the new policy. They constructed a letter to the new CEO that they agreed that the no smoking on department grounds was well within the agency’s legal rights, but holding them to the same policy outside the grounds was not appropriate and was unconstitutional. The CEO acknowledged their letter and advised that if there were any further protests to his new policy, their actions would be deemed as insubordination and would be terminated. After receiving this last directive, they…

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