The Demise Of Hedda Gabler Essay

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The Demise of Hedda Gabler In the play Hedda Gabler, by Henrik Ibsen, Hedda Gabler has just married Jurgen Tesmen. They are returning from their six-month honeymoon. Hedda comes from an elite and wealthy family due to her Father’s military status as a General. She was raised by her father and was not as feminine like most women during her time. She had lots of money and freedom to do what she desired. Throughout the play Hedda is not satisfied with her new life as a housewife and she becomes really manipulative and deprived of life. Hedda Gabler’s cruelty emerges from deprivation because she is forced into a new lifestyle that she is not accustomed to, throughout the play she refuses to conform to her new role as a housewife, which eventually leads to her demise. Hedda Gabler comes from a family where she has freedom to do what she desires, but when she is submitted into marriage she loses her privilege of freedom. Hedda enjoys the freedoms to do things that most women at the time do not normally do, such as own and operate guns. This is seen as taboo. Dialogue about Hedda’s pistols rises when she decided to play with them, “Well at least I’ve got one thing to amuse myself with. Ah, thank god for that, and what is that, Hedda? My pistols. [With cold eyes] [She goes through the inner room and out to the left] [Running to the center doorway and shouter after.] No, for the love of God, Hedda, dearest, don’t touch those dangerous things for my sake, Hedda hm? (800)” This…

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