The Definition Of Soft Power Essay

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I. Case Study
1.1 Definition of Soft Power and How Japan Implement its Soft Power.
Power is a capability to do something in order to achieved what people want. In international relations, power could be defined as the a potentiality of a country to achieve the national interest within international dimension (Keohane & Nye, 1998, p. 86). Moreover, there two types of power, these are hard power and soft power. Hard power is the ability of a nation to get something that the country needs in an aggressive way, hard power usually conducted through coercion and ferocious, for instance, military aggression or economical purpose (Pallaver, 2011, p. 3). Furthermore, in the early 90s an American scholar announced a new concept of power, and its called soft power. Soft power itself means the ability of a country to acquire the country’s needs in persuasive way, its usually conducted through allurement or attraction (Bilgin & Eliş, 2008, p. 11). Furthermore, there are three varieties of source that a nation could conduct for establishing its soft power. First is culture, second is political values, and the last one is foreign policy (Nye, 2011, p. 84).
Moreover, Japan has almost successfully using its soft power by promoting the three sources of soft power. Firstly, in terms of culture, culture is a piece of art and any other forms of that people can share their values, behavior, norms, language, and even the way people’s live (Defense Language and National Security…

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