Essay on The Decline Of The Roman Empire

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In the second century, the Roman Empire was prospering with an empire stretching across 3.5 million square miles, with a population surpassing 50 million citizens. During this period the entire empire was being transformed by a number of chief features. At that time the emperor Caracalla had begun granting all occupants citizenship. By doing so he was increasing the empires source of income. Not only was the empires revenue increased and the residents given citizenship, but residents were given cultural freedom. Any Roman citizen who spoke a different language or practiced different religions were given the freedom to still practice their culture and faith while still residing under the Roman Empire. Another chief feature the empire had developed was a trade network. The trade network was attracting merchants from all over who would travel to the ports to barter their products. The Roman Empire was a sort of common market for all to visit. The trade network helped the Romans increase their empire, initiate stability within, and even appease neighboring regions. The Empire ensured the stable environment and currency needed in order to expand the network of trade in a variety of goods and services. The Romans established a structure of shipping routes and roads to help simplify their trade system. In addition, the Roman Empire had numerous programs aimed to better the community as a whole. For instance, manufacturing public works like aqueducts, roads, bridges, and harbor…

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